Eight Essential Things Your Cat Wishes You Knew

Eight Essential Things Your Cat Wishes You Knew

Cats are mysterious and fascinating creatures, often keeping their secrets hidden behind those mesmerizing eyes. As cat owners, it's important to decipher their subtle messages and provide the best care possible. In this blog post, we will explore eight essential things that your beloved feline companion wishes you knew, allowing you to deepen your bond and ensure their happiness.


1. "Embrace My Colors":
As a cat with red-green color blindness, I see the world in a different palette. I am more sensitive to hues of yellow and blue. Taking me outdoors to see vibrant yellow fields of rapeseed flowers or gazing at the vast blue sky brings me joy and allows me to appreciate the beauty around us.

Embrace My Colors

2. "Scratching is My Signature":
When I scratch the furniture or curtains, it's not out of mischief. It's my way of marking my territory and leaving my scent. Please understand that I'm expressing my love for this home and showing my belongingness. Providing me with appropriate scratching posts can help redirect this natural behavior.

Scratching is My Signature

3. "Let's Brush My Teeth":
Can we make teeth brushing a weekly ritual? Just like humans, I can suffer from dental issues if proper oral care is neglected. Regular brushing after I turn three years old can prevent dental diseases and keep my teeth and gums healthy. It's a small investment for my long-term well-being.

Let's Brush My Teeth

4. "Transparent Cat Carriers":
Although transparent cat carriers may look stylish, they can be uncomfortable for me. Being confined in a transparent enclosure can make me feel trapped, stuffy, and hot. Opt for carriers that provide privacy and adequate ventilation to ensure my comfort during travel or vet visits.

Transparent Cat Carriers

5. "Patience and Guidance":
I understand that I may occasionally frustrate you. Please remember that my intelligence, as an adult cat, is equivalent to that of a two or three-year-old human. Patience and gentle guidance go a long way in helping me understand your expectations and behavior boundaries. Let's learn and grow together.

Patience and Guidance

6. "The Healing Power of Purring":
Did you know that my purring can relieve your anxiety and lower your blood pressure? When you're feeling down, don't hesitate to give me some extra attention and affection. The soothing sound of my purring can bring comfort to both of us and strengthen our bond.

The Healing Power of Purring

7. "Don't Stay Away Too Long":
Please understand that my memory is limited, and I can forget your face after an extended period of separation. Even though I miss you during those 21 days, my small feline brain struggles to retain memories. So, whenever possible, try not to leave me alone for extended periods. Your presence means the world to me.

Don't Stay Away Too Long

8. "You're My Everything":
I know you have a busy and exciting world outside our home—family, partners, and friends. But from the moment you chose me, my world revolves around you. Even though my lifespan is relatively short, as long as you never abandon me, I will fiercely love and cherish you until the end.

You're My Everything

By understanding these eight essential things that your cat wishes you knew, you can create a harmonious and fulfilling relationship with your feline companion. Respect their independence, communicate effectively, provide a stimulating environment, prioritize their health, and shower them with love. Together, you and your cat can embark on a lifelong journey filled with joy, companionship, and unconditional love.

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